carrd font reference 2 (link to 1 at bottom)

mali MALI

manrope MANROPE

mansalva MANSALVA

maven pro MAVEN PRO

merriweather MERRIWEATHER

merriweather sans MERRIWEATHER SANS

metamorphous METAMORPHOUS

michroma MICHROMA

montserrat MONTSERRAT

muli MULI

nanum gothic NANUM GOTHIC

noto sans NOTO SANS

noto sans tc NOTO SANS TC

noto serif NOTO SERIF

noto serif tc NOTO SERIF TC

nova mono NOVA MONO

nunito NUNITO

open sans OPEN SANS

open sans condensed OPEN SANS CONDENSED

oswald OSWALD

overpass OVERPASS

overpass mono OVERPASS MONO

oxygen OXYGEN

pacifico PACIFICO

passion one PASSION ONE

patua one PATUA ONE

permanent marker PERMANENT MARKER

playfair display PLAYFAIR DISPLAY

poiret one POIRET ONE

poppins POPPINS

press start 2p PRESS START 2P

pt sans PT SANS

pt serif PT SERIF

quattrocento QUATTROCENTO

quattrocento sans QUATTROCENTO SANS

questrial QUESTRIAL

quicksand QUICKSAND

raleway RALEWAY

rammetto one RAMMETTO ONE

righteous RIGHTEOUS

roboto ROBOTO

roboto condensed ROBOTO CONDENSED

roboto mono ROBOTO MONO

roboto slab ROBOTO SLAB

rozha one ROZHA ONE

rubik RUBIK

rubik mono one RUBIK MONO ONE

saira semi condensed SAIRA SEMI CONDENSED

sarpanch SARPANCH

sawarabi gothic SAWARABI GOTHIC

sawarabi mincho SAWARABI MINCHO

scheherazade SCHEHERAZADE

shadows into light SHADOWS INTO LIGHT

shrikhand SHRIKHAND

solway SOLWAY

source code pro SOURCE CODE PRO

source sans pro SOURCE SANS PRO

space mono SPACE MONO

spartan SPARTAN

spectral SPECTRAL

squada one SQUADA ONE

sriracha SRIRACHA

sulphur point SULPHUR POINT

supermercado one SUPERMERCADO ONE

swanky and moo moo SWANKY AND MOO MOO

tajawal TAJAWAL

tahoma TAHOMA

times new roman TIMES NEW ROMAN

titillium web TITILLIUM WEB

turret road TURRET ROAD

ubuntu UBUNTU

ubuntu condensed UBUNTU CONDENSED

unica one UNICA ONE

unna UNNA

varela road VARELA ROAD

verdana VERDANA

vt323 VT323

vidaloka VIDALOKA

vollkorn VOLLKORN

work sans WORK SANS

zilla slab ZILLA SLAB

and scene :) #1 is
both were made in june 2020. will update if i notice any have been added/deleted. if you want to thank me watch hilda on netflix. i didn't work on the show or anything i just wish more people watched it

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